Moriah is a graduate of the Aiki Healing three year Medical Qigong Program under Kay Hutchinson McNeill and is a Certified Advanced Medical Qigong Practitioner (CAMQ). She has also trained with the Healing Tao Institute and has a Bachelors Degree of Science in Biology from the University of Massachusetts. She has been working in the medical and research field for over 13 years.

Since childhood,  she realized there was more to overcoming health challenges than addressing only the symptoms. So frequently she saw people who were sick and unable to get fully well. She felt that there must be a better way to help correct these underlying imbalances, getting instead at the root of the issue, rather than just the symptoms.

Along the way, she discovered the system of Chinese Medicine. She decided to forgo acupuncture school when she discovered how Medical Qigong had a deeper effect on the body, especially when done with a focus on relaxation. She now provides sessions for her clients in a relaxing, spa-like setting.

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